Help Us, Help YOU!

We sell cars everyday and are very familiar with the process, as well as the vehicles we are selling. We are not here to waste your time or to pressure you into purchasing. We understand that the car buying experience is not something people go through daily, so help us help you! 

“I want/need to find a car.” 

Great news! You are exactly where you need to be. Our website has the most up to date and accurate listings of what is in our inventory. Some third party advertisers take a little time to take a listing down if a car has been sold or to put a new listing up. Some other advertisers are completely unreliable and use bogus or recycled listings. Our website almost immediately updates when a car has been sold or when a new one is added to our inventory. 

“I have questions about history, options, pictures, etc.” 

All of our listings have a CARFAX and a window sticker. Many also have a walk-around video attached, as well as a small blurb about the vehicle. Not seeing the information you need? We would be happy to help! Please reach us at 781-575-0004 and a sales person will be sure to answer all of your questions. 

“I love this car and want to come see it!” 

We are open Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM with our last viewing slot at 5:15PM and Saturday 10AM-5PM with our last viewing slot at 4:15PM. We do accept walk-ins, but in order to make sure we can have someone available to help you when you get here and that the car is available to be looked at, we would appreciate it if you could make an appointment! If you cannot make it within business hours, please call during business hours so we can see if we can accommodate an alternate appointment time. 

Please note, our sales people answer work related inquiries during business hours. If you have an emergency, our sales people will do their best to answer you in a timely fashion. 

To make an appointment, please call us at 781-575-0004 or inquire through our website by sending us a message. Please note, by sending us a message, you are consenting to us reaching out to you via email and/or text. We will send you a confirmation text and/or email the day you make the appointment and on the day of your appointment. Please try to show up promptly at your appointment time to ensure that we can give you the best service. If your plans change and you cannot make your appointment, we would really appreciate it if you could call us and let us know! No hard feelings!

In the winter, please make an appointment so we can make sure the car is clean of snow and is nice and warm for you when you come to look at it! 

When coming in for an appointment, make sure to have your valid US driver’s license if you are planning on test driving and putting the vehicle in your name. Also, please have your insurance information on hand. If you do not have an insurance policy yet, ask a sales person for a recommendation! If you have a vehicle to trade in, please make sure to bring that vehicle with you (unless it is not driveable, in which case please refer down to the trade-in section for more information). Please bring the title for your trade, or all of the bank information if you have a loan on the vehicle you are trading in. 

You need to be at least 21 to test drive a vehicle. If you are under 21 and would like to test drive one of our vehicles, please come with someone older than 21, or if you let us know in advance we will have someone available to go with you on your test drive.

If you are planning on financing, please bring everything requested above as well as ensure you have access to your most recent pay stubs, proof of residence (if your address is different than what is written on your driver’s license), and access to your social security number. If you are planning on financing with your own bank, please make sure you can provide us with a pre-approval letter in either paper or electronic form as well as the bank’s specific lien information.

“How can I pay for the vehicle?”

We accept cash (SSN required for amounts over $10,000), certified bank checks, personal checks (we need the check to clear before you are allowed to come pick up the vehicle), or wire transfers. Certified bank checks, wire transfers, or cash are preferred. 

We can take up to $3,000 on a credit card. After $3,000 there is a 3% fee that you are responsible for paying. Please note, you cannot put the entire vehicle amount on a credit card. Only deposits and down payments. 

“ I would like to finance”

We work with a collection of different banks and credit unions to try and accommodate different credit needs! Rates and payments are determined by the vehicle, your credit, and your down payment. We are not able to determine payments or rates until we receive an approval from the bank.

 Please keep in mind, our banks finance vehicles up to 12 years old and have a credit score cut off. If the vehicle you are trying to finance is older than 12 years or your score does not meet the limit, we would recommend trying to work with your own bank. If the vehicle you are interested in is on the cusp of the age limit or if you have outstanding circumstances, give us a call so we can try to give you the best recommendations for purchasing. 

If you are planning on financing a vehicle under a business name, please call us so we can better understand your situation and provide you with the correct information specific to you!

If you are working with your own bank, please ask them what they need from us as far as paperwork goes to help you secure the loan before you come in so we can make sure to get the loan secured as efficiently as possible. We want to help you to avoid any unnecessary back and forth!

“I want to leave with the vehicle the same day.

We will try our best to make that happen for you but we cannot do that if you don’t let us know that that is your plan. Every deal is different, and some require a little more time, so we would like to be prepared. Please call us to let us know if you want to leave in the vehicle the same day you come in so we can tell you the best way to make that happen (if it is possible in your unique situation). 

When your insurance is active, and we have received all of the funds, your license plates are ready, and we have all of the things for your trade-in (if applicable), and we have had our service team re-check your new-to-you vehicle, you will be ready to go! If you are financing and the bank approved you with stipulations, we need to make sure those stipulations are cleared before you come in to pick up the vehicle. We do not like to rush this process because we want to make sure you are getting the highest quality of service from every department from your test drive, to signing the paperwork, to the vehicle being serviced and registered, and everything in between.

“Ok, but I really want to see this vehicle and I’ve had vehicles sold out from underneath me… can I leave a deposit to hold it?”

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve experienced that, but that is not something we are about here at Done Deal Motors. If a vehicle that you have an appointment to come see sells before your appointment, we make sure to give you a call letting you know this happened before you come in. By not calling to confirm availability or just walking in, you run the risk of showing up and the vehicle not being available.

Unfortunately, we cannot take a deposit to hold a vehicle just to see it- we only take deposits if you are 100% sure about making the purchase and it’s just a matter of finalizing paperwork. If you have any questions about your situation specifically, please call us at 781-575-0004. Our standard deposit is $1,000. (Unless, agreed upon otherwise). This deposit is non-refundable on any vans or commercial vehicles. 

“I’m far away and/or would like to see about purchasing this vehicle over the phone.” 

Not a problem! We sell cars all around the country (and sometimes the world)! Please call us at 781-575-0004 to speak to a sales person. All of our sales people are well-versed in national sales. You can also ask for a video or a video chat walk-around if you would like to see something that is not covered in the photos or video already posted on our website. Some external advertising websites give shipping estimates. Since we use a third party shipping service those costs are not always accurate so if you need shipping or delivery of a vehicle, please contact us directly so we can let you know the cost based on your ZIP code. 

“What should I expect when I come to pick up the car?”

Your new-to-you vehicle will be fully serviced, gassed up, and clean upon pickup. We have a full service department that goes through all of our vehicles when they come on to our lot and right before they leave. Our talented service team makes sure to go through the vehicle and check the brakes, all fluids, electrical components, tires, any and all safety features- they check everything!. We guarantee that your vehicle will pass MA state inspection. 

If the vehicle is going to be registered in Massachusetts, we do registration right here in our building! No need to wait in insane RMV lines. We have license plates in house which means we can do registrations with new plates; we can also transfer your current plates. We do only have new passenger plates available, so if your vehicle needs livery, commercial, or any other special new plate registration, you will have to go to the registry yourself. If you live out of state, you are responsible for registering the vehicle and paying all of your state taxes and fees in your own state. Massachusetts does not issue temporary plates for you to be able to transport your vehicle back to your state. Please make sure to talk to your sales person for them to walk you through your transporting options. 

We do not do state vehicle inspections. You have 7 days after you pick up your vehicle to get it inspected.

“I have a trade-in…

Awesome! We take nearly all trade-ins! In order for us to get you the best possible value for your trade in, we will need to see your vehicle in person. 

If you are trading in a vehicle that you do not owe money on, please bring the title for that vehicle with you when you come in. If you do owe money for a loan on your trade in, please make sure you have the bank information, your account number, and a rough idea of how much you owe.

If you would like to transfer license plates from a vehicle that does not come in with you to the car that you are purchasing, please bring those plates. 

If your trade-in is not driveable then you will need to find a way to get your vehicle towed to our lot.

**A benefit of trading in your old vehicle is that you will save on sales tax! For example, if the car you are buying is $20,000 and your trade-in is worth $15,000, you will only pay sales tax on the difference. So instead of paying sales tax on the $20,000, you would only pay on the remainder of $5,000. 

“I want to do a pre-purchase inspection.” 

We do allow pre-purchase inspections! To set that up, please make sure to check in with your sales person before making a plan with your outside mechanic. We allow you to bring the vehicle to the mechanic if they are within a 10 mile radius from our dealership. Or,  if you would like to come with or have your mechanic come to the dealership to take a look at it here, let your sales person know so, we can make sure we can arrange with our service team to have a lift open when you get here. 

We have a $100 insurance/safety deposit in order to take the vehicle to a pre-purchase inspection. If you have any questions about the terms and conditions of this deposit please call us and speak to a salesperson. 

“What about warranties, service contracts, and GAP?”

All of our vehicles come with a Massachusetts Lemon Law warranty which is dependent on the mileage for the vehicle. This warranty comes at no additional cost to you. 

Vehicles with 0-40,000 miles get 90 days or 3,750 miles of coverage.

Vehicles with 40,000-79,999 miles get 60 days or 2,500 miles of coverage.

Vehicles with 79,999-124,999 miles get 30 days or 1,250 miles of coverage.

Vehicles with over 125,000 miles come with no warranty beyond the guarantee it will pass the state vehicle inspection that you take it for within 7 days from picking it up. 

For exact Lemon Law warranty coverages or further information, ask your salesperson

Service contracts and GAP are available! The cost depends on the vehicle and the coverage plan, so if you are interested in purchasing extra protection for your vehicle/purchase, please ask your sales person for additional details. 

“What are these extra fees and why do you have them?”

We have a $495 documentation fee that is required to be added to every purchase. This fee covers all of the back office expenses, as well as secure storage of your documents and information for 6-7 years. We have no other fees, and definitely no hidden fees!. 

Keep in mind, you will have to pay state taxes and registration fees. These vary by state. Massachusetts sales tax is 6.25% and the registration fees include $75 for the title, and the cost of plates (transferred plates are $25, and new plates vary by month and are pro-rated).


We are fortunate enough to love what we do, and we are only trying to help so please, work with us to make sure that this process goes as smoothly as possible! For any additional questions please feel free to contact our experienced staff at 781-575-0004 and let us help you! 



A few things to consider: 

  • Please remember that an open line of communication is key. If you cannot make your appointment or are running late and need to cancel or reschedule, let us know. If you are no longer interested in a vehicle, just keep us in the loop (no harsh feelings)! If you do not understand something during the process, ask us! If you are not happy with something, please let us know directly so we can rectify the situation and if you are happy with your experience, please share your feedback as that is what keeps us going!


  • Car buying can be a lengthy process and although we want to make sure we make it as fast, easy and painless as possible, please give yourself enough time to take care of everything when making your appointment. 


  • If you want a relative, friend, coworker, dog, cat, fish, etc (we don’t judge) to be an extra pair of eyes to look over the vehicle, please try to bring them with you to your appointment as we cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be available when they come a separate time to look at and we do not want to waste anyone’s time. 

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